About Infovet

About Infovet

Infovet is a groundbreaking software programme that is transforming the way New Zealand dairy veterinarians provide value to their farmer clients.

Born as a joint venture between Veterinary Enterprises and Zoetis in 2006, Infovet offers users industry standard data security assurance.

Now wholly owned by Zoetis, Infovet is widely adopted by progressive clinics and is the benchmark for best practice information management on farm.

Key Features

Data is seamlessly extracted from existing databases

  • Huge time savings are achieved by automatically having data in one place.
  • Data is collected from milk processors (eg Fonterra), breeding companies (e.g. LIC, CRV Ambreed), animal health laboratories, vet clinics and on farm.
  • The data is regularly synchronised, which means information is up to date.

Web based

  • No need to install and update software on PC's.
  • Forefront of technology.

Off line functionality

  • Ability to work with infovet even when there is no internet connection available on farm.

Data security

  • Data is secure and private. Only the farmer and their vet are able to access individual farm data.