Annabel Harris
North Canterbury Veterinary Clinics
"From early on I could see the benefits of accessing a lot more information via computer, rather than chasing down bits of paper at critical times"

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Case Studies

Case Studies

Richard Stalker


Access to Infovet enabled Canterbury veterinarian Richard Stalker to provide a targeted and effective mastitis management programme for a client experiencing major problems in their 800 cow herd.

This herd was experiencing a 74% rate of clinical mastitis in mixed age cows. By utilizing infovet, Richard was able to efficiently identify potential problem areas for further investigation. A program was implemented to address the key issues around calving, spread during lactation and culling.

"Access to infovet meant I could identify the cause of the problem quickly and keep a running view on how effective the preventive regime was" says Richard. "infovet also allows me to monitor herd health and productivity trends and flags any potential issues as they arise". Results on this farm revealed a massive decline in mastitis compared to the previous season. Mastitis during lactation was reduced by more than 50%, a total of 344 fewer cases.

Richard estimates the saving achieved from correcting these issues to be worth in the order of $48,000 per annum to the farmer.

Richard has also used Infovet to analyse and help improve herd health issues on other farms in the region. Mastitis analysis and herd conception performance are two key areas infovet is proving invaluable here.

"All those areas that relied on pieces of paper are being eliminated. We look forward to being able to really get a handle on areas like CIDR use, and how effective they were, and giving clients a true conception rate figure."

"Our farmers are right into the data because they want the information that the data delivers, they can see how it all fits to provide them with more timely and usable recommendations. As veterinarians, infovet creates an opportunity for us to work alongside and add much more value to our clients operations".